Current Music

Most of my current music is done live on twitch. Feel free to hang out. The vibe can vary from atmospheric synth to chillwave or lofi. I just play what I feel like doing, so it can be hard to focus on one particular style. But it is very likely that i will use some real instruments, not only software. Only one thing is for sure: the vibe will be strong.

Every now and then I actually finish a piece of music. The style varies a lot depending on what I currently want to do, so don't expect a description of the genre. You can find my current music on Spotify. This is where I currently upload everything.

My older stuff (that I did before I took a looooooong break from making music) can be found on SoundCloud.


This short film was the Bachelor thesis by the artist Th-Phuong Ly (Website). My job for this project was to create the background music and sound effects.

You can check out the film on youtube.

I want cookies

This song was a semester assignment of the song writing course at my university. It is about a ghost that realises, i is craving cookies and therefore starts baking some. There is a lot more to the making of this piece, if you are interested in reading the whole background and documentation, you can check it out in this pdf and the leadsheet.

You can check out the song on SoundCloud

I want cookies, Orchestral version

One semester after composing the song "I want cookies" we got the assignment to arrange an orchestral version of a song of our choosing. I found it a nice challenge to do this on a song, that was completely digital and full of electronic, glitchy effects, so i choose said particular song. You can check out the rendered version below. It starts of really quiet, so don't be surprised if you don't hear anything at first. Additionally there is a full score available.

Other Songs

Of course there are more songs written by myself than mentioned above. Although I like composing music for film or video games I do not deem myself to be a musician, so I rarely write music just for myself. If you still happen to be interested in listening to some of it, you can check it out on my soundcloud page