About myself

My name is Benny and I am a freelance sound designer and audio tool programmer.

I have a pretty long history in coding, starting with the early Lego roboter. I got interested really fast and reached out to programming micro controllers, but pretty soon I realised, that I am more of a software- than a hardware guy. So I started programming websites and, much more interesting, games. This way I got pretty confident using Java and C# and learned to organise my code in a reusable and efficient way.

During the courses at university I got in touch with software like Reaktor and MaxMSP and always thought: "Well, this might be nice, but what if someone I want to show my Synthesizer does not have Max or Reaktor..." And so I learned about the JUCE framework and its way to use C++ to code your very own VST-Plugins.

Besides that I am still loyal to my hobby which are computer games. Over the years I did the sound design, music composing and audio programming for several smaller video games. Feel free to check these out in my portfolio.