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Picture of the GlitchRack

The GlitchRack

“Imperfection is beauty. Madness is genius. It is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” - Marilyn Monroe

We think, that there are enough plug-ins out there, that make your sound perfect. We think, it is time to make something for people, who like imperfection. And so, we are proud to present The GlitchRack.

The GlitchRack comes with a wide variety of effects that try to get the worst out of your sound.


- The KillLimiter: Limiting to a brickwall that has never been harder.

- The ChunkInverter: chopping your audio and reverse it

- The CrazyLeslie: switching stereo channels faster than any speaker can spin

- The Bitifier: Decrease Bit-Depth that even a C46 would sound like a high resolution speaker

- The TapeStop: Old but gold, stop your audio with that unforgotten slowing and downpitching sound

- The Resampler: Samplerates so low, that no soundcard can be bothered to use these.

- The SpeedWobble: playback-speed can be a fickle thing.

- The Overload: A computer can only take so much. It’s only a matter of time, when it drops out.

added on July 25th 2018

Coming soon

Picture of the GlitchRack

Are you tired of all these perfect plugins all around the Internet? Do you want to stop making everything only better?

Then this new Effect Rack might just be, what you are looking for.

No perfect recreations of analog effect devices. No Algorithms to make the fattest sound. Just pure digital destruction.

added on June 3rd 2018